A unique baler match will take place on Friday (1 February 2019) along the N1 near Paris. Valtrac is hosting the Farmbook Baler Contest. The last few entries are still tied, but it looks like up to 12 different balers will join the fight to see who makes the most beautiful big round bales in the shortest time.
Wynn Dedwith from Valtrac says that as far as they could tell, there had never been such a match where the tractors and balers started at the same time and literally raced over a distance! Each tractor will also be accompanied by an independent person who makes sure that the baler at least works within its specifications.

Judging will be about the density or weight of the bales, how clean the baler picked up the windrow and how fast the baling process takes place.

Valtrac has already made sure that the windrows are ready for the big day. See the ad below for more information.