Fertilizer costs a lot of money and therefore every grain has to count. The Danish company, Bogballe, specializes in the development and manufacture of spreaders that derive value for every farmer from his fertilizer account. Valtrac distributes the spreaders in South Africa and many farmers reap all the benefits of the accurate precision application of fertilizers through Bogballe’s excellent range of machines.
At NAMPO, farmers were also able to enjoy the useful new features of Bogballe’s M-Series. The spreaders’ elegant lines are now rounded off with neat, fold-down reflective strips and waterproof LUD lights that can be folded away so that the spreader can be washed thoroughly everywhere so that no fertilizer is left behind. The frame is also now made even firmer to make sure you and your Bogballs grow old together.

Another novelty is the ability to adjust the application from a few hundred grams per hectare to an incredible 3 tons per hectare through a throwing disc adjustment. The lighter applications are especially useful for establishing green manure. The high volume application, which also takes place at high speed, is the perfect solution for farmers who nowadays use organic pelleted fertilizer. Bowballs’ technology takes precision scattering so far that you can even divide your land into 30 x 30 meter sections if you really want to!

Bogballe boasts the distinction that the company manufactures the world’s largest and second largest three-point spreaders, namely the M6 ​​of 5,500 liters and the M45 of 4,500 liters. It is possible for farmers who do not have the necessary tractor or lift power to place a 4,000 liter Bogballe spreader on a custom chassis with high flotation tires and then tow it with a tractor of as little as 70 kW .

Equal application
All of these characteristics contribute to Bogballe remaining at the forefront of spreading technology internationally, but the core of the spreaders’ success remains the unparalleled evenness and complete coverage of Bogballe’s fertilizer distribution. One of the reasons for the perfect fertilizer distribution and placement is that the Bogballs’ discs can turn inwards, unlike conventional spreaders. This makes the Bogballs more versatile and enables him to scatter the seams of the land accurately and without wastage or unnecessary overlap.

Choose your control system
There are three control systems from which the farmer can choose. You can start with basic control and then upgrade your spreader as you go along.

Standard: The standard spreader driven by the tractor’s power take-off and which hydraulically opens and closes its lock.

Ground speed-independent: Icon controller, stationary calibration, electric opening and closing, straw adjustment at tractor speed to still place exactly the same amount of fertilizer per hectare at any speed. No GPS system is required for this option. Tractor speed can be determined directly from the gearbox, otherwise a wheel speed sensor can be used for older tractors.

Full precision: Varying application according to your GPS maps; join in and down within the land not to scatter past the vineyard; can apply section control to prevent overlap; fully automatic calibration using a built-in scale and electric opening and closing of locks.

Choose your model
There are two series of spreaders available in South Africa, namely the L- and the M-series. The tank sizes range from 775 to 4,500 liters. In the L-series is the most popular entry-level spreader with varying application, the L2W Plus which holds 2 050 liters or 2 000 kg of fertilizer and spreads up to 24 meters wide. It is also possible to set up some of the spreaders in the range for orchards and vineyards. In the M series, the M35W (3,000 liters) and the M45W (4,500 liters) have just gone through the renewal process. They both scatter 42 feet wide.

Bogballe fertilizer spreaders offer the farmer numerous useful benefits, all of which eventually make themselves felt in his bank account:

Bow balls deliver the most accurate, most uniform fertilizer distribution across the country, also at the winning fields and on the sides.
The Bogballe’s automatic shutters ensure that the fertilizer ends up in the correct position on the disc for a perfect distribution pattern at any speed, fertilizer flow or working width.
The throwers are made of manganese steel to ensure a long life and are designed so that they do not powder granular fertilizer.
It is very easy to calibrate the Bow Balls and there is almost no risk of incorrect calibration. The Bow Balls with scale and intelligent control require only one adjustment of the tilt angle to select the correct spreading width. Furthermore, the machine ensures continuous perfect application.
Everyone knows how destructive fertilizer can corrode metal, but Bogballe’s powder coating with “Flexi Coat” finish ensures a long life. Bogballe boasts one of the world’s most advanced powder coating plants. The spreaders all go through a 7-step painting process before being assembled. The straw discs, screens and tank base are made of stainless steel.
The agitator of the Bogballs gently guides the fertilizer to the outlet opening without damaging it.
At the bottom of the seed bowl, above the stirrer, is a cone that ensures that the weight of the fertilizer does not cause powdering.
The Bogballe’s power transmission system requires no maintenance and is protected against overload by a slip clutch.
South Africa’s farmers already know that Valtrac only provides the highest quality tools, tailored to our farmers’ needs and conditions. Farmers across the country testify to Valtrac’s prompt service, which ensures that all Valtrac implements are fully steamed and work with the absolute minimum downtime for the farmer. This also applies to Bowball Fertilizer Spreaders. George Cilliers of Valtrac assures farmers that all the parts, technical skill and expertise needed to ensure Bogballe’s excellent performance are ready so that farmers can know they can count on Bogballe’s spreaders.



At the back of the bowl is a slot for a garden hose and a plate that sends the wash water to the frame. Also note the reflective strips that drop off so that the water can reach everywhere when the spreader is washed.

For more information on Valtrac’s useful Bogballe fertilizer spreaders, speak to Attie de Villiers at 083-261-9863 or 056-817-7308 or attiedev@valtrac.co.za. Also visit www.valtrac.co.za for more information on Valtrac’s complete range of implements and Valtra tractors.