A farmer’s work is never done. There simply are not enough hours in the day to get everything done, and all tasks must be completed on time, as nature waits for no one. This is why the wise farmer chooses equipment that can work quickly, efficiently and dependably.

Recently, Valtrac and Farmboek presented the second baler race where farmers could see for themselves which balers would best suit their needs. Only round balers could participate and there were two categories: Fixed chamber and variable chamber. Visitors could watch demonstrations, ask questions and enjoy the tasty refreshments supplied by the Dutch Reformed congregation of Vredefort.

The winners were:

Fixed chamber balers: CLAAS Rollant 520 RF

Variable chamber balers: Krone Varipack

The competition was not only judged according to the speed at which the balers produced bales, but also by measuring the tonnes baled per hour. To this end, every bale was weighed after the race and the weight of the bales was taken into account together with the speed.

Before the race, the CLAAS Rollant 520 opened all sides for proper inspection by farmers.
The runners-up in both categories were Kuhn balers. This Kuhn FB 3130 from Valtrac took the second place in the fixed chamber category.
Unfortunately, farmers will have to wait a full year before the winner in the variable chamber category, the Krone Varipack, will be available in South Africa.
However, the Krone Komprima V180 (third place in the variable chamber category) is available.
Die derde plek van die vastekamer-afdeling is deur die John Deere F441M verower.