The first consideration in all Valtrac’s activities is the needs of the farmer. Therefore, Valtrac offers a tailor-made solution for every task on the farm. Although Valtrac is popular in South Africa for their well-known A, N, T, and S series Valtra tractors they also offered a popular BH series from 2001 to 2006.

The tractors of the BH series were renowned for their performance and uncomplicated design, which made service and maintenance easy and inexpensive. Due to new legislation on exhaust gases, these Brazilian manufactured tractors could no longer be imported to South Africa.

The problem has now been solved by replacing the old engines with Tier 3 AGCO engines so that Valtrac can now share the good tiding that the BH series Valtra tractors are back in South Africa, and moreover with a new coat.

Valtrac introduces the new Valtra BH High-Tech range of tractors. These tractors are perfectly suited to conditions in the South African farming industry.

The BH series includes five new models, mainly distinguished by their engine capacity. BH stands for Brazilian High Power, followed by die engine’s horsepower. The smallest tractor in the range is the BH154, delivering 154 horsepower or 114 kW. The range also includes the BH174 (129 kW), BH194 (139 kW), BH214 (147 kW) en BH224 (155 kW).

Apart from its attractive, modern appearance, Valtra also improved the tractors with practical enhancements such as the tighter turning circle made possible by the new shape of the weight frames. The intercooler is mounted on top of the radiator to ensure that the air flows over the radiator from the front and then passes at the rear through the fan.

The compartment under the radiators is sealed off completely, and there are seals on the sides to prevent dust and grass seeds from blocking the radiators. The components inside the AGCO Power engine are exactly the same as those in the Valtra tractors imported from Finland

Farmers may rest assured that Valtrac has sufficient spares in stock to ensure a prompt after sales service. This engine complies with the emission legislation for the South African agricultural industry, and is classified as Tier 3.

The tractor has a 210-litre fuel tank, but may optionally be equipped with a 400-litre tank. The hydraulic system has it own oil, totally isolated from the gearbox oil. The capacity of the hydraulic pump is 170 litres per minute, which is more than sufficient for any implements depending on the tractor’s hydraulic system.

Wynn Dedwith from Valtrac explains why this tractor should be the farmer’s first choice.

Furthermore, the hydraulic system is simple, practical, and easy to link up. The pump tempo is easily adjusted from the cabin through the rear window. All the pumps are within easy reach under the cabin, making service very easy. The tractor has three hydraulic valves and a return valve, but more valves can be added according to the farmer’s needs.

There is flow control on all three valves, The lift and PTO are precisely the same as on the Finnish 3-series tractors. This technology has been proven over and over again. The new models have a six-speed gearbox with bigger, stronger gears.

It also has three power ranges, which means that the tractor has 18 forward and 18 reverse gears. A shuttle control lever is conveniently placed next to the steering wheel to change direction with the least effort.

The tractor has an extremely favourable weight balance, and weighs approximately ten tonnes. “This makes the tractor perfect for hauling heavy loads,” says Wynn Dedwith from Valtrac. The cabin contains all the necessary controls, and they all are easy to understand and use, logical and within easy reach. The throttle speed is controlled with the turn of a button.

The tractor also has an automatic, adjustable speed control. The hydraulic levers automatically kick back when the lift is raised or lowered to the desired height. The BH194 and BH224 adapt easily to any GPS, and can be supplied with a Top-Con system. All the tractor’s electronic equipment is ready to fit in with any control system.

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