Fall Farmers’ Day has once again overflowed with interesting implements and tractors. We further tell what was on display at the famous demonstration day.

Bednar’s Terraland TO 5000 HM was built to loosen and cultivate hard and heavy soil up to 55 cm deep.
Challenger’s 540C harvester works smoothly with a Geringhoff Mais Star maize table to minimize wastage at high speeds.
Myburg equipment’s Hamba Straight contour maker easily scrapes a bank after only a few trips back and forth.
Where Northmec’s Case 400 HD Steiger and the Maschio soil cultivator walked, a beautiful seedbed remains.
RovicLeers’ locally manufactured LGP 12R762 / 6200L is equally suitable as a conventional or no-till planter.
Valtrac’s Valtra T193 and the Pierobon 18-50 Neumatica no-till planter are a winning combination for conservation farmers.
George Cilliers from Valtrac can offer a farmer a tractor in a color shade of his wildest dreams.
The Canadian Versatile 620 DT four-track tire tractor is powered by a Cummins engine. Here it drags the Bednar Terraland DO 5000 soil cultivator.
For Agri Africa, quality is non-negotiable. Their Great Plains Turbo-Max 2400 Tillage / Turbo-Seeder planter combination will continue to prepare the soil flawlessly year after year to plant excellent cover crops.
John Deere’s S770 harvester with a 616C picker head enables the farmer to finish harvesting inside a very small harvesting window.

A farmer can choose from tank sizes of 3,000 to 6,000 liters and beam lengths of 18 to 36 meters when ordering his Hardi Navigator trailed sprayer. The New Holland T56.120 with its high belly and thin wheels is tailored for spray towing.
John Deere’s tractors and implements once again put on a show-like performance this year as they drove diagonally past the show-goers in a row.
For Equalizer, everything revolves around careful precision planting. Their SL-16/762 Min-Till planter undertakes to run your planting time with the least care.
Radium’s Powerrip ripping plow is a basic three-point implement and transfers its weight to the front wheels of the tractor via the upper link. This reduces wheel slip and applies the tractor’s power delivery more efficiently. The Massey Ferguson 7615’s power output is certified at 103 kW and offers a maximum power output of 110 kW at a maximum torque of 745 Nm.


Kempston Agri’s Claas Axion 920 delivers a maximum power of 236 kW and can move between farms and fields at 50 km per hour.