Valtrac is the official supplier of the Kuhn range of excellent high-rise crop sprayers in South Africa, and their robust and economical Kuhn Boxer Mechanical was introduced at NAMPO this year.

This self-propelled sprayer easily negotiates any terrain and even works on inclines of up to 32% without forfeiting accuracy. The Boxer carries 2 000 litres of spray to supply the 25 or 27 metre beams. Its conventional truck type propulsion to the rear wheels results in lower fuel consumption and maintenance costs than that of any other self-propelled sprayer in South Africa.

The cabin offers sheer spraying pleasure with a 270° view and an active air suspension that keeps the wheels firmly on the ground while gently carrying the chassis.

The whole range of Kuhn sprayers is presently available at a special pre-season offer.

A well-known name in South Africa, Bredal, is back with new technology developed in recent years. The range of lime and fertiliser spreaders is manufactured in Denmark and handles loads from three to twenty tonnes.

The fling discs of the new Bredal XE spreader are six metres apart behind the spreader. This results in a more even spreading pattern without unnecessary overlapping. Each disc has a diameter of 70 cm, and they are driven by two belts from the hydraulic floor feeder.

The discs rotate towards each other and place the material in two layers over each other to keep distribution as even as possible. For precise control, the rotation speed of the discs can be adjusted separately.

Discs with four flingers spread lime up to 30 m wide, and six flinger discs are used to spread fertiliser up to 48 m wide.

The versatility of the Terradisc combination disc cultivator was increased even further with the Multiline system which made it possible to carry a Tegosem seeder.

This seed drill can be used to establish a wide range of pastures. Seed is measured out electronically and the calibration is simple and quick. The control panel in the cabin gives all the information you might need, such as kg/ha planted, the tank level, and data like hours worked and hectares planted is captured.

This system makes it possible to use a smaller tractor, as the implement’s weight is supported by wheels, excluding the need for the tractor to carry the full weight. A conventional wheat type planter can also be carried.

One unit, but many applications – that is the big attraction of APV’s offer. Brigitte Kodatsch of APV says their aim is to help farmers to get as much as possible done in the most affordable way possible. APV units can be mounted onto most tillers. At NAMPO, an APV multi-metering unit was shown that can apply from fine seeds to snail bait with the right equipment.

It can be used for broadbanding or to plant rows with either gravity of air pressure.

For more information about Valtrac’s useful equipment, contact Attie de Villiers at or 083-261-9863, or visit