A good supply of fodder for cattle is worth gold to the farmer. This has once again proved  in the recent and ongoing drought. Valtrac offers the farmer all the tools he needs to dish up the best feed for his animals – from tractors, planters, manure, fertilizer and slurry applicators, sprayers, silage cutters, wagons and haulers, cutters, rakes, aerators and balers.

The good news of the year is precisely news about balers: Valtrac has just been appointed as the sole importer and distributor of the prestigious range of KUHN balers in South Africa. KUHN balers are already enjoying international prestige and South Africa’s farmers can now also enjoy the generous benefits of this range of superior balers – of course rock solidly backed by Valtrac’s legendary aftermarket service.

Bale work is KUHN’s food and with relentless regularity, every KUHN baler delivers one perfect, compact, neat bale after another – without the slightest need of sweating or struggling for the farmer. KUHN balers’ innovative unique features make them the most efficient, reliable, versatile and economical solution for the farmer.

LSB 1270 DX large block baler

Durability, high work output, reliability and the ability to make perfect, sturdy bales from almost any material in any working environment are the characteristics that distinguish Valtrac’s KUHN 1270 DX large block baler. Hay, silage, straw, lucerne, maize and sugarcane residues are all the food of the KUHN 1270.

LSB stands for Large Square Bales and the X in this big man’s name stands for making EXTRA dense bales. This means sturdier bales that stack more easily, withstand handling better and with which one can make full use of the payload of a truck or trailer. The LSB 1270 DX handles large masses of material with ease. Its integral rotor takes care of that. But if you want to make it even more greedy to handle a myriad of dry or thick material 15% faster, you can apply the optional mechanically driven crop roller, which is protected with a cam coupler.

For the operator, it is pure pleasure to work with the LSB 1270 DX. The control terminal constantly shows him everything he needs to know, such as bale density and capacity and the operation of the self-adjusting double knot system.

Round balers:
KUHN FB 3130, FB 3135 and FBP 3135 BalePack

Valtrac’s KUHN fixed chamber round balers are designed to make extra dense bales in the most challenging conditions. The FB 3130 is a no-nonsense baler controlled by the standard AT10 system. It is designed for heavy-duty applications such as for bale contractors and the baling of plant debris on lands.

The FB 3135 and FBP 3135 BalePack are the advanced models with ISOBUS steering and multiple functions controlled from the cockpit to make perfect bales in the toughest conditions the world can offer. Their bale units are the same, but the FBP 3135 BalePack is a combination that also includes a formidable bale wrapper.

Unique features of this series are the following:
A cam track pick-up unit (230 cm pick-up) with a pendulum mounting that follows the ground slopes for optimal recycling of the material. The five rows of teeth and short crop roller ensure smooth and clean raking and picking up, even at high speeds.
The balers boast the patented Integral Rotor Technology with double rotor fingers made of Hardox wear plates. The simple, maintenance-free, short-distance feeding system guarantees a great work capacity in all conditions. Clogging is rare, but is easily corrected by disconnecting the rotor and the drop floor.
18 rollers of 3.2 mm thick tensile steel make each bale a compact and sturdy masterpiece.
The split drive between the bale chamber on the one hand and the adder and rotor on the other hand ensures smooth performance and uniform power transfer.
The new net binder with its stretch technology ensures firm, sturdy, uniform bales. The net pull can be easily adjusted to tighten the bales tighter.
The FBP 3135 PalePack is designed to work perfectly even on steep slopes. Its unique IntelliWrap ™ ensures well-formed, tightly sealed bales.

Built-in rotor

A unique KUHN feature that farmers can be very happy about is the built-in rotor with which all KUHN balers in South Africa are equipped. It is a rotor with a large diameter and heavy-duty wings that form a unit with the rotor. This maintenance-free and short-distance feed system forces even the heaviest material through the inlet opening for higher speed and higher productivity. When the material does not need to be cut, the built-in rotor feeds it directly into the bale chamber. Together with Valtrac’s Pöttinger cutters, rakes and aerators, which are popular worldwide for their quality and efficiency, the farmer does not have to look any further for hay and silage equipment.

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