At Rossgro, a machine has to work its way up – there is no time for sitting around and looking beautiful. The eight Valtra tractors on the Rossouw family’s farm near Delmas can testify to that. “We are always transporting something on the farm or between the farm and the feed factory. It is a permanent part of our daily operations, ”says Joe du Plessis, farm manager. At present, one of the main tasks of the six Valtra T171 tractors is to drive the freshly harvested maize to the silo at the feed plant.

Maize is also transported from neighboring farms and the red Valtra tractors with their twin bin tippers are a common sight on the farm roads around Delmas and Eloff. The 131 kW tractors each do the work of a truck with all the added benefits of being a tractor.

Joe says for long distance transportation they still use trucks, but on and around the farm Valtra is king.

“With the four-wheel drive, wet conditions are not a problem. “Especially when fog has to be removed, it is much easier to use a tractor and it drives just as comfortably in the kraal as on the road, where it comfortably lasts 45 km per hour.”

The Valtra’s brilliant feature that makes it a star in the driving industry is the fact that, like an advanced truck, it has a compressor that drives its air pressure braking system and provides air for front air suspension. This air suspension is virtually maintenance-free and it largely eliminates the cumbersome power hop that often occurs when tractors tow heavy loads. When the Valtra pulls into the silo to unload maize, it sounds like a truck’s air pressure brakes.

The larger Valtra tractors’ cabins also literally float on pneumatic cushions for the most comfortable tractor experience ever.

At Sesesonki Farming near Harrismith, James Lesley says that his tractor drivers would much rather get in a Valtra than in any other tractor. He says everything on the tractor handles easily and gently; until the power take-off kicks in gently. One of the advantages of the front axle’s air pressure suspension is that the tractor’s front wheels always stay firmly on the ground for better traction and lower fuel consumption.

Sesesonki uses three tractors in the T-Series, namely the T151 (119 kW), T171 (131 kW) and T213 (158 kW). James says with the EcoPower feature, the tractors function even more comfortably and more economically. At the push of a button, the engine’s revs are limited to 1,800 and the torque is increased. This means fuel savings of up to 10% and of course a longer engine life.

James says it is especially the versatility of Valtra that impresses him. “You can hook any truck body behind him to drive well,” he says.

Once the grain and potatoes have been driven out and driven in, the next unique Valtra feature is harnessed on Sesesonki, and that is the ability to work just as easily backwards as forwards. This is known as TwinTrac.

“For bean syrup with a Pickett, there is nothing better,” says James.

The Valtra’s air-suspended seat just turns around and there is a complete set of controls at the rear so that the tractor’s working direction is reversed without the slightest loss of control. A Valtra tractor’s gearbox and bearings are specially designed to deliver reverse gear for continuous work.

Back at Rossgro, the land has to be cultivated for next season’s plantings and Valtra is also a big asset to get the more than 3 000 hectares ready for planting with two 250 kW balers in the S-series, namely S353.

Joe says the power the tractors deliver in relation to fuel consumption is incredible. There is no tool that makes the S353 struggle to tow and the armrest controls make control just as convenient as the smooth ride.

He says that when he was appointed farm manager, he looked at the fleet of Valtra’s and wondered what trouble awaited, but he was pleasantly surprised in every way.

“Our oldest two Valtra’s each have more than 9,000 hours of work behind them and they still work every day without any problems.”

He says the tractors are robust, surprisingly resistant to even harsh handling and they enjoy the benefits of Valtrac’s legendary service delivery.

“Even if they have to drive from Paris, I’ve never waited more than three hours for a part and if they can not immediately fix the tractor, they bring another one so the work can continue,” boasts Joe .

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Die vermoë om lugdruk vir remkrag en vering te benut plaas Valtra in ’n ander klas.

The ability to utilize air pressure for braking power and suspension puts Valtra in a different class.
Op die land is die S353 besig om sy pad voor die skotteleg oop te lag. Joe bestel hulle Valtra’s in rooi, sodat hy hulle van ver af kan raaksien voor hulle verby blits.
On land, the S353 is laughing its way open in front of the disc harrow. Joe orders their Valtra’s in red so he can spot them from afar before they flash past.
Joe du Plessis (regs) by Enoch Sapege wat van vragmotorry na veelsydige Valtra’s bevorder is.
Joe du Plessis (right) at Enoch Sapege who was promoted from truck to versatile Valtra.