Uninterrupted, reliable availability of electricity is indispensable for most farms. Power failures can lead to costly production losses. Therefore, the farmer’s right hand nowadays is a reliable generator that takes over when Eskom fails. The perfect machine for this is the AG diesel power generator that can be used as main supply or for standby electricity.

AG generators are supplied and backed by AGCO Power, the holding company of GSI. AGCO has been the largest, leading producer of power generators in Finland for more than 60 years. Farmers who visited NAMPO were impressed with these mobile generators at GSI’s stand.

Olli Heinonen, Sales and Marketing Manager of AGCO, said: “In rural areas, the  power grid is not very reliable, especially in the agricultural industry where farmers’ operations such as chicken houses, dairies, irrigation and a lot of other activities depend on an uninterrupted power supply. Because we work for the same company, we share our resources. Our products are available in different ranges according to size and application, and are manufactured in Finland. The units are directly shipped from there by the same people who supply Massey and Valtrac. The same engines are used.”

The AG series includes six generators (60 to 250 kVA). The generators are available as open models for use in machine rooms and equipment sheds, or enclosed ready-to-use models. The closed models are virtually noiseless with their good insulation and efficient exhaust systems and mufflers.

AGCO’s reliability is proven under all circumstances and parts and service are available throughout South Africa. The generator is guaranteed for one year and the warranty can be extended.

For more information about these excellent generators, that can ensure you will always have electricity, contact Natasha Coleman at 011-794-4455 or send her an e-mail to: natasha@gsiafrica.co.za.