The Pöttinger 351 Alpha Motion mower is mounted on the front of the tractor and cuts a swath of 3,5 metrers wide.

Keen interest was elicited at NAMPO Cape by the excellent series of brainy Valtrac products and the Pöttinger Alpha Motion mower series. Groups of farmers were in continuous discussions on the merits of the unique implements.

There are two models:

The 351 and the 301. The difference between the two is that the 351 mows a width of 3,5 metres, and the 301 a narrower width of 3 metres.

Alpha Motion technology entails that the mower tilts from side to side, to the front and also the rear on a centre pivot suspension system, so that the mower follows the slope of the land one hundred percent at all times, enabling it to make a clean cut of all material at exactly the same height. It makes the machine more efficient with the added advantage that better re-growth takes place for the next cut.

The Pöttinger 351/301 mowers are attached to the front end of the tractor and can also be combined with the Novacat X8, which mows on both sides behind the tractor. This means that a total width of almost 12 metres can be mown simultaneously.

Devin Dedwith of Valtrac and Xander Pieterse of ProAgri view Valtrac’s new mobile show stand during NAMPO Cape,

The unique flat cutter blade cuts where other mowers can’t. Where the grass is luxuriant, or where it has fallen flat, the flat blades easily cut underneath the grass to keep the cut uniform and even. All functions are controlled from the cabin of the tractor.

The mower has been designed in such a way that the blades can be replaced quickly and easily on the land by means of a handy lever, which is kept in the machine’s attached toolbox. This simplifies the maintenance of the implement and means that machine can continue working soon. The mowers are delivered with an extra set of blades so that mowing can go on while one set of blades is sharpened.

Valtrac is a dependable supplier of Pöttinger Alpha Motion mowers. Contact the Valtrac specialists on 056-817-7308, or send an email to Attie de Villiers at or visit the website